Issue 246: A Windfall of Performances

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Aloha everyone, and welcome to a very busy weekend of theatre!

Due to Hurricane Lane, we have six shows at six theatres on Oahu that are either closing or opening! It's easy to miss one, so we have them all listed here for you for easy reading and convenience! For details, dates, and information, click the links to visit their listing. 


The Crusade of Connor Stephens at TAG- The Actors' Group: From the writer of the critically acclaimed Death of the Persian Prince and A Normal Life comes the award-winning new play, The Crusade of Connor Stephens, where extreme loss shakes a Texas family as it comes to terms with a tragic act of violence.


Pageant at Manoa Valley Theatre: Manoa Valley Theatre is proud to launch its 50th anniversary play season with a hilarious Off-Broadway musical comedy by Bill Russell, Frank Kelly, Albert Evans and Robert Longbottom where “beauty is in the eye of the ticket holder!"

Filipino Folktales & Fables at Honolulu Theatre for Youth: Honolulu Theatre for Youth kicks off its’ 64th season “Our Stories” with Filipino Folktales & Fables, a celebration of one of Hawaii’s largest and most important communities. 

The Wolves at Kailua Onstage Arts: Kailua Onstage Arts launches its inaugural season with the Hawaii Premiere of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe.

Pakalolo Sweet at Kumu Kahua Theatre: During a night of karaoke, beer, and weed, the medical uses, benefits, and cultural aspects of marijuana in pre-contact Hawai‘i are explored. 

FREAKSHOW at The Leeward Theatre: From funky fetish to the fabulously grotesque, Club Freak is where our eclectic group of performers take you on a journey of the many forms fantasy can take.


As you can see, that is a lot of theatre! Hitting the Stage encourages you to support our local arts community by going to see live theatre around the state. We hope to see you there, and if you want to share some words or write a review about a show you feel strongly about, Hitting the Stage gladly accept community reviews to post and publish!

See you at the shows!


Michael Donato, Director of Hitting the Stage

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