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MACBETH at The ARTS at Marks Garage

  • The ARTS at Marks Garage (map)
Macbeth 2019.jpg


Presented by the Hawaiʻi Shakespeare Festival, written by William Shakespeare, directed by Taurie Kinoshita.

August 9 - August 25, 2019

Something wicked this way comes ...


  • Robert Tobin: Duncan, King of Scotland

  • Spencer McCarrey: Malcolm, Son of Duncan

  • Nicolas Logue: Macbeth, General of the King

  • Jaime Bradner: Lady Macbeth

  • Noah Schuetz: Banquo, General of the King

  • Jenica Wong: Fleance, Son of Banquo

  • Alex Durrant: Macduff, Nobleman of Scotland

  • Kirstyn Galius: Lady Macduff

  • Kayla Silva: Son of Macduff

  • Charles Wade: Angus, Nobleman of Scotland

  • Daniel Connell: Lennox, Nobleman of Scotland

  • Jake Wolf: Ross, Nobleman of Scotland

  • Will Hao: Siward, Nobleman of England

  • Brandon DiPaola: Son of Siward

  • Cassidy Keiko Patmont: First Witch

  • Chivalry Butler: Second Witch

  • Suzanne Green: Third Witch

  • Jim Murphy: Seyton

  • Phillip Foster: Doctor

  • Juvy Lucina: Gentlewoman

  • Malia Wessel: Porter

  • Sean Nelson: Ensemble

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