It Makes You Think

A play may do many things: entertain, captivate, invigorate, infuriate, etc., and sometimes do the most fundamental of things…make you think. And that is precisely what is happening at KOA (Kailua Onstage Arts) in the excellent production of MARJORIE PRIME, written by Jordan Harrison and directed by Kevin Keaveney.

Imagine the loss of a loved one and the survivors must cope with the loss. Imagine being able to have them come back either in your mind or as a “prime”, an entity recreated to allow the living to communicate and sometimes express their thought that they couldn’t do while the person was alive.

Marjorie (Jo Pruden) is the mother of Tess (Hoku Gilbert) who has/had issues with her mother that she couldn’t express or resolve while she was alive, and tries to find closure with MARJORIE PRIME. Tess’ husband, John (Jim Aina), seeks to help her work through her emptiness and help Tess find herself as she can’t seem to come to gripes with her relationship with her mother and even with MARJORIE PRIME. Walter (Marshall Camden) is Marjorie’s deceased husband and is a PRIME for Marjorie both before and after her passing.

As previously stated, this play will MAKE YOU THINK. All is presented on a small set with minimal furniture but the big thing is your imagination which will definitely take you to the far reaches of your mind as you see these excellent actors create characters that will make you smile, laugh, cry, get angry, have anxiety, become nostalgic…and think!

Kevin Keaveney brings out wonderful performances from every actor and should be commended for a job well done of this 2015 Pulitzer Prize Finalist play.

It plays one final week (April 19 t 7:30pm, and April 20 at 4:00pm and 7:30pm). Do not miss this. Call 388-0319 or go to: for tickets.

Written by Allan Okubo.

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