Don't Miss INDECENT!

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INDECENT, now playing at The Arts at Marks Garage, is a play within a play and tells of a 1906 play entitled God of Vengeance.

That title alone describes the conflict…GOD OF VENGEANCE!  On one hand we have the thought that GOD is peaceful, loving and forgiving.  And on the other we have VENGEANCE, which elicits thoughts of violence, hatred and bigotry.

The cast are people in Poland in 1906, Connecticut in 1952 and everywhere in between.  As they are preparing to open God of Vengeance in the United States they do so despite knowing the play is considered controversial for a scene in which two women kiss.  That scene and the ensuing arrest of the cast and the producer which signals the beginning of the end.

INDECENT, by Paula Vogel, tells that story and brings you into the lives of the cast and the writer of God of Vengeance, Sholem Asch.  The audience not only sees their joys and the struggles but are haunted by the subtle music of Sean T.C. O’Malley and Ruby O’Malley.

Mahalo to the wonderful cast for bringing us this explosive gem: Adam Brading, Ann Brandman, Brandon Caban, Tyler Haugen, Adrian Khactu, Annie Lokomaika’I Lipscomb and Christina Uyeno.  And a big shout out goes to the director Lurana Donnels O’Malley and her team for putting together this mesmerizing performance.

INDECENT lives on until June 30, 2019 so don’t let it die a lonely death.  Give it life. Don’t miss it!

Written by Allan Okubo.