Something to See- WE, THE INVISIBLES


WE, THE INVISIBLES, a production of Kailua Onstage Arts (KOA), opened at HPU at the Paul & Vi Loo Theatre on the Windward Campus and runs until August 11, 2019.

This is playwright Susan Soon He Stanton’s semi-autobiographical life in New York City during the time of an alleged sexual assault of a housekeeper in an ultra luxurious hotel by a wealthy European businessman who was tried and found not guilty.  While working in the hotel Ms. Stanton interviewed housekeepers and other hotel staff to get their stories to blend into a play about the incident and to give a voice to the people behind the scenes in the hotel. But by doing so it acts as a catharsis for her as it allows her to examine her thoughts and emotions, and also makes her question her preconception of “guilty until proven innocent”.

This play is a test of stamina for Therese Olival who portrays “Susan” and is the narrator onstage the entire play, and she excels.  She is buoyed by an excellent supporting cast of Monica Bennett, Stacey Pulmano, Danielle Zalopany, Jason Lee Hoy, Pedro Armando Haro, Noah Faumuina, Allison Francis and Garrett Hols.  All brought together by Director Kevin Keaveney who blended over thirty characters among the eight supporting cast to create a world behind the scenes and gave a voice to them so they are no longer…INVISIBLE!

Get tickets by calling 829-8606 or go to: for info and/or tickets.

Written by Allan Okubo.