Auditions for NOISES OFF


AUDITION NOTICE for Noises Off! 
Sunday, December 9 @ 2:00pm

Monday, December 10 @ 7:00pm

Director - Rob Duval

Noises Off is a contemporary British farce about a troupe of actors performing a contemporary British farce entitled Nothing On. Everyone cast in Noises Off will have a British accent. Actors should be familiar with traditional British farce and understand its basic elements (timing entrances and exits, handling of props, doors slamming, clothing being removed, etc.). Physical dexterity and comedic timing are crucial to the success of the play and all actors must be in very good physical condition.

Character Breakdown
Lloyd Dallas (Male, 40s - 50s) is the Director of Nothing On. He has quite an ego and cares deeply about his reputation. He tries his best to maintain his patience, but occasionally loses his temper. He is sarcastic, charming, quick, witty, and in a love triangle with Poppy and Brooke.

Dotty Otley (Female, 40s - 60s) plays Mrs. Clackett (the house maid) in Nothing On. Although she has a tendency to be a diva, she must be likeable. Her memory is fading but she tries her best to remember her lines and stage business. She wants the show to succeed (she has invested money in it) however she enjoys sabotaging her cast mates backstage if they cross her.

Gary Lejeune (Male, 30s - 40s) plays Roger Tramplemain in Nothing On. Unless he is reciting lines from the play, he is incapable of finishing a sentence. He tries his best to improvise lines when a performance goes awry. He and Dotty are having a love tryst, but it's not all roses.

Brooke Ashton (20s) plays Vicki in Nothing On. Although she is usually oblivious to people and things around her, occasionally she is the smartest person in the room. She keeps losing her contact lens and is incapable of improvising when a performance goes awry. The actor playing Brooke must be comfortable wearing undergarments on stage.

Frederick Fellowes (30s - 40s) plays Philip Brent in Nothing On. He is charming, straight-laced, and has an adverse reaction to blood (even when the word is mentioned). As a serious stage actor, he needs every move to be motivated. Although his wife left him, he tries to maintain emotional stability.

Belinda Blair (30s - 40s) plays Flavia Brent in Nothing On. She maintains a positive attitude throughout the show and is always attempting to fix things when they go wrong - on and off stage. She is the gossip of the cast, but is still very likeable. She likes being in the know when it comes to actors' personal lives.

Selsdon Mowbray (60s - 70s) plays the Burglar in Nothing On. He has been a stage actor all his life and loves the theatre. He also likes alcohol and everyone struggles to keep it away from him. Although he often doesn't hear things clearly, he occasionally hears very well from far away. He is liked by the entire cast, although he frustrates them with his drinking issues.

Poppy Norton-Taylor (30s - 40s) is the Stage Manager of Nothing On. She takes her job seriously, is good-natured, and in a love triangle with Lloyd and Brooke. This, and the fact that she is pregnant, occasionally raises her emotional levels. She wants to do her job well but she also needs Lloyd's love and respect.

Tim Allgood (30s - 40s) is the Technical Director of Nothing On. He is eager to please, usually rushing about, overworked, and begins the show exhausted. He tries his best to make the show work, but rarely has a moment to catch his breath before he must solve another problem. He is the understudy for the male actors in Nothing On, and is terrified to speak on stage.

Audition Requirements: Be prepared to read from script.

Rehearsals begin immediately following auditions.

Questions? For further information, please call Diamond Head Theatre at 733-0277 x302.

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Performance Dates: January 25, 26, 27, 31 & February 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 w/ possible extensions

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